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Cat Café Paris

A café. Full of cats. After the initial guffaw at this odd idea, the concept actually becomes quite sweet. The cafe is home to 12 homeless kitties- Djenko, Rosa, Idylle, Habby, Saha, Berlioz, Lovely, Pepite, Marguerite, Oréo, Pattenrond and Khalessi- who have made themselves well and truly at home. 

The cafe, situated on rue Michel le Compte in the 3rd arrondisment of  Paris, in collaboration with various cat rescues, welcomes cats that have nowhere to go and provide them with food and shelter. And in exchange? well the cats provide cat-therapy to its customers who come in need of a nice cup of tea and a sit down to relax.  customers are asked to not disturb the cats and let them come to the tables in their own time. People who live in small apartments and cant have animals or simply feline lovers can gather here in a like-minded community and enjoy all the treats of a cafe at the same time. 

This cat-lovers idea first came to light in 1998 in Taiwan but only made its way to Europe in 2012, openings its first cafe in Vienna closely followed by Hungary and the UK. 

The cats have their own quarters which they access through a cat door and they can come and go as they please, apart from the kitchen!

The cafe serves coffee, teas and food and has become so popular since its opening earlier this year, that it is advisable to book before hand. 

Le Café des Chats

16 rue Michel Le Comte,

75003 Paris

Tel: +33 (0)9 73 53 35 81
Métro: Rambuteau

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