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Famous French Food

Below are some tips and ideas for french food that will not scare the whole family! No snails or frog legs, just recipes that have worked for me in terms of feeding my kids.  (one eats only potatoes and meat, the other will eat olives, goat's cheese and lobster...go figure!)

I have also summarized the different foods from different regions and coming very soon is the cheese and wine section- stay tuned!

Try something new

  • Famous French Food Recipes
  • You know those dishes that you are afraid to try for the level of fanciness is mind-boggling! Well, not here. I have stripped them down tho the core essentials and taken all the fear out of them for you to try at home right HERE
  • French Food
  • Why and How the French have it sorted when it comes to nutrition and a healthy balanced diet for all the family. click HERE for more
  • French Kids Recipes
  • Easy to do and quick to  prepare dishes for even the fussiest of toddlers and children(trust me, I KNOW!) click HEREfor more

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