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French Foods

French cuisine derives from different styles of cooking. over the centuries it has developed according to social and political changes in the country. 

The first time french cuisine was elevated to a superior level was during the Middle Ages which brought the famous banquets. 

These extravagant meals were the first to be seasoned with different herbs by a man named Guillaume Tirel, the courts cook. 

Following the French Revolution more spices and aromatic herbs were introduced and soon Traditional french Food was recognized on an international level.

France began to have a unique and creative cooking style which evolved throughout the centuries.

This was done by the Kings chefs, in Paris, and  each were held in the highest esteem their whole lives for their contribution to the culture of their country.

Traditional French Food cannot be narrowed down to one particular area and has now branched out to different regional areas, each with their own signature dishes and different ways of cooking as well as the wine and cheese which is integrated within each region. 

This area of France encompasses Normandy, Brittany and Pays de la Loire. it is very much agricultural and seafood based. 

The sea provides the number one dishes found on restaurant plates in the North West: Herring, sole, turbot and cod while further South in Brittany, the main catch of the day are Mussels, Lobster, oysters and crayfish. 

Brittany is famous for its crepes and cider(Calvados) while further south Cognac originates from its namesake town. 

Fruit is prevalent in this area; melons, cherries, strawberries and currants. 

The Grand- Ouest

The South-West

The South Western region of France is home to Bordeaux and its renowned wine. The food in this area is very mixed; high quality lamb rearing can be found in the Pyrenees, providing meat and also cheese. The mountains' rivers provides fish in this area.

Further south, the signature dishes are fois gras, pâtés and duck and goats cheese.  

The Basque region is famous for its use of spices and tomatoes in food. 

More seafood in the South-East; oysters, cuttlefish, mussels and Bourride, which is fish stew, can all be commonly found in the restaurants of the Langeudoc region. 

Jambon de Montagne ( cured ham) is produced high up in the valleys of Lozere. 

Further south, the Catalan( Catalonia is an area in the Northern Spain) influence is present in cooking methods here such as the Brandade de Morue which is made from salted cod wrapped in chard. 

In Corsica, sheep and goats are proliferate giving the region cheese and meat as well as porc which is used for a variety of cured meats including saucisson. 

The South-East

The Grand- Est

The east of the country encompasses La Bourgogne, which is famous for wine and Dijon for its mustard. 

The main ingredients of this region's dishes are Pike, Perch, snails, chicken (de Bresse), beef (charolais), saurkraut and beer.

Game and Porc are also very popular in the Champagne-Ardennes region.

And of course Champagne was also born here and remains a key attraction to the area. 

The North is characterized for its use of butter and cream in cooking as well as porc, chicory and beer.

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