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Living Room Ideas

Upon entering a home, whether we realize it or not, we undeniably make our minds up about the style of the house and the people in it as soon as we enter the living room! fact!

We glance at the walls and scan the paintings, pictures, wall hangings, then, we move on to the decorative objects, colors and patterns. It's a natural process.

I personally LOVE checking other peoples home decor and am amazed at some of the beautiful rooms I have seen- from fresh,neutral colored, spacious living spaces to charmingly cluttered, homely, cosy sitting rooms.

Below are some French Living room ideas I have come across and find most inspiring. 

This living room is absolutely mind blowing! the light and the soft green panels compliment each other perfectly. 

A very typical french Country sitting room. so bright. 

just wow. SO much to look at!

French chateau mixed with vintage; not a bad look

African inspired colors.

This interesting combination is set against the remaining wall of an old mill. very cool!

not a living room for children but however would be perfect host to a party!

What an eclectic mixture but I think I like it!

Again, just wow. This style is Danish inspired and the absolutely amazing paper light fixture is a Zettel'z 6, a creation by Ingo Maurer.

Below are more shots of the lamp in action:

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