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Spring Fashion 2014

What's trending in France this year?

One of my favorite things to do when im in France is fashion- watch on the streets of Paris. In no other place will one feel so scrutinized and on display as in the rue de Passy in the 16th arrondisment. Before leaving the apartment, a critical analysis in the mirror is a must and faliure to do so is very much punishable by dissaproving stares and contemptive whispering. Beware ladies! Its a cruel fashion world out there, in Paris.

That said, when the Parisian ladies go out onto the streets, they sure do put on an entertaining show. The make-up! The hats! the shoes! the handbags! the dogs in handbags! No boring walks, thats for sure. 

SO, what is hot this year? Im happy to say that there's a wide of variety of styles trending this Spring and Summer. Less rigid and more arty. More creative freedom, less conformity. 

1. Patterns

2. Gold Crease

3. Tribal

4. Powder Pink

5. Floral Print

6. White Transparant

7. Sporty

8. Fringe

9. shimmer

10. Aqua

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